How can be an average student be a topper?


Becoming a topper requires more of discipline, proper planning and consistent hard work than intelligence. So yes, an average student, even a below average student (according to standard classification of the students which I don’t really believe in) can be the topper. There is no big deal, you just have to devote your time and work for that particular exam syllabus (which you are dreaming to top).

However the other side of the coin is…nobody really cares about the topper at the end of the day. After the age of 25, if you make good money and find the full satisfaction in your job, nobody really cares who topped in the exams you appeared. Life is more than just exams. For example, how many JEE, AIEEE, NEET, CAT or CSE toppers you remember right now? I suppose none probably but you remember Dr. Kalam right? the question is why? Because he did what he loved. He didn’t give up on his passion even when he had every right to do that. So as long as you are happy in your life and making the best possible use of it, you are already a champion and you don’t need to prove anything further.

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It’s totally possible,

Don’t worry because every students starts with an average and ended up with some remarkable percentage of marks and some of them ended with nothing just an Average.

It is only the Practice that matters.

I think you heard about “ Practice makes a man perfect “

So from now start knowing yourself, what’s thing that holding you back to become an topper.


  • Know your interest. (Study related/Subject related/Aim on life)
  • Reason behind your Failure/unsuccessful/Average marks/became a member of crowd.
  • Make up your mind what you want to achieve.( Do’t afraid,you become what you think)
  • Get a good plan.
  • Stay focused.
  • Eat good foods which helps your mental health.
  • Do’t take stressed thinking unnecessary.




  • Get some good books.
  • Go through the syllabus.
  • Plan your Material according to the time which left,
  • Start Practice ……. More practice………… More more Practice.
  • Get fundamentals clear.
  • Don’t read only try to understand.
  • If doubts Ask Questions.
  • Get some good Guidance from your school teachers.
  • Always be a smart worker.


These things over a period makes you TOPPER.

Good luck for your future.

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Thinking yourself as average will never make you to crack/achieve anything in life.

The moment you start thinking that you are not average and have strong determination ,focus,discipline,plan,smart work towards your goal then even the most intelligent one can’t stop you in anything.

All the BEst,

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Just woke up from sleep of being topper


  • Its continuous work that leads you to be successful
  • Skills are made no matter how much intelligence you have ,without continuous work you are nothing
  • Make a daily routine that is to be strictly followed without any condition
  • Be disciplined at your work .
  • Don’t give any excuse of what you don’t have .Accept the truth and move on.
  • Don’t take yourself away by presence from crowd but keep away yourself from your wonderful thinking .
  • Don’t be afraid of odd condition you have say truth follow the truth and work with truth ..
  • Be bold with your presence and have always positive thinking and believe in yourself .
  • Don’t care what other says about you just say your heart what you want from your self .



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Practice like you have never passed and perform like you have never failed.. Most importantly think like a every little little things then only it will become big and ur concepts will be strong…

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