My JET Senior Officer Success Story

And I rummage when I started preparing in February 2019, and YouTube for research tips, strategy stories and success stories like any other competitive job aspirant. Yet then I realized that I need to build my own plan because no one knows like I do my strengths and weaknesses.

Thus all this journey had three phases:

1. Building

2. Playing

3. Returns

The planning phase

This started with me downloading the JET exam syllabus in February ‘ 19. I went through the syllabus and began planning how to get started. For reasoning and quant I decided to go chapter wise. I had also read somewhere that current affairs play a major role in the hands examination. So from day 1 I started to study current affairs I did the latest nighttime business from the Exam Review Online  and also did the GK quiz of the previous day. Even, CloseCampus comes up with GK revision quizzes weekly and monthly and I solved them diligently.


I have already clarified the implementation process of how I went on studying current affairs. I also read weekly current affairs and made short notes from them. Before the test, I didn’t have the time to review them, but writing them down helped me maintain 10-15%.

JET Senior Officer Success Story of Soujanya Banerjee's

I looked for the name of a chapter in YouTube for quant and logic, and watched a large number of videos. Use the 2x speed feature YouTube has to give! Even after that, if I didn’t understand anything, I would ask people on telegram if they had a better source. I didn’t need any additional training for English. But I can suggest reading the Hindu editorial on a daily basis and writing down the new words as you read them.

During this preparation phase one thing that helped me immensely was the mock exams. When I was barely 1 month in preparation I started to give tests. Some people may think you should only make mocks after you’re fully prepared, but I think this constant self-assessment is beneficial.

I have come across three types of questions in the mocks:

1. Can easily respond to them (so worked on speed and accuracy)

2. Could not be solved in time but solvable (tried methods of learning)

3. To me the questions were Hebrew (they are still Hebrew for me!-I muissed them) I solved examreview online, jetexam publications quizzes everyday along with mock exams. I also gave almost all of the JET Exam mock tests available.

A week after my 1st(FCI) the prelims was my 2nd prelims. I could try 74 marks though I panicked.
I started straight away with GK after prelims. Revised everything I had previously read.

Though I couldn’t send many mocks at the hands as I had to research current affairs, I tried to solve puzzles and maths every day at the mains level.
I learn about the buring subjects for interview. Read the whole month on the Hindu.


Cleared JET Exam with 77.25 marks, 74 attempts, standardization+ accuracy Cleared hands with 127 marks, 91 attempts. Exactness again played a major role.

And with 56.11 marks JET Senior Officer finally cleared! 2nd prelims, first paws, first question! I got my first choice that is my circle at home!
Hard work, that’s not necessary… What can’t you, when I could do this?

I hope my story will help somebody out there and inspire them. Don’t miss out on optimism. The sun needs to shine!

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