JET Senior Officer Success story by Jyotsana

My name is Jyotsana, I have been preparing for a Government Exam for last 4 years. I have given many exams in these 4 years. When i Starting to fail in many exams then I become depressed but my family and my friends encouraged me to continue my preparation to give these papers.

Their thoughts for you get Some knowledge and Experience’s than I decided I will not give up. After that, I could clear the exam but stay in the interview or have some marks in the exam. I did not get anything for giving my 4 years for the government job but now I was disappointed with myself and I was also afraid that I did not do anything in my life.

I always check job notification in many websites suddenly I see one notification in bharat sarkari website which was for the recruitment of the JET Senior Officer, but it was not a Government Exam but his salary was very high 27,530-35,000 / – then I have filled the exam form of this examination and I have passed this exam.

But I was confused than I thanked I did not want to take any risk because I am not sure I can clear the government exams because the competition is very high so I join JET Senior Officer  post and today I have been working here for last 3 years.

In these 3 years, I have achieved a lot of many, respect in my life and I realized that I did not make any mistake by selecting this sector. I do not know whether or not the Government exam cleared, but that day was a big turn point of my life. so friends never miss any opportunity. first, achieve that which offer you than try to get what you want and fight your weakness and active it.

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