What is your JIT interview story ?


What is your JIT interview story ?

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I cleared JIT written test in 12th .Basically before the interview they give you a sheet in which you have to fill your strengths.I filled Combinatorics and Organic Chemistry.Intentionally ,I filled topics specifically rather than subjects to be on a safer side.

My interview was at IISER Kolkata along with my friends from Jamshedpur.I reached there at 9 am and I was the last person to be called.Around 2′0 clock I guess.I don’t remember exactly.I didn’t have my breakfast and was very hungry.Yugesh Kothari,my friend had his interview at the start.The questions asked to him was something on recursion or induction .

One was “How many times 9 comes when we write 1–99…upto n terms?”

It demanded a general formula.

After the interview,he came to me and told the question in toilet(we had planned earlier )

Now,when my turn came,without letting me sit,they told me to go to the blackboard and bombarded me with academic questions

(I had planned for answers to questions like:

Why you are Better than the other?

What will you choose between IIT and IISC if you get selected and why?)

This was of no avail.

The first question which was asked to me was the same one as I mentioned earlier.Hesitately I said,

“ye to mere dost se bhi puche the aap”

Gaining conscience,I said ,”sir out of curiosity I asked my friend his questions and you have asked him the same one,but he hasn’t told me the answer.If you want I can solve”

The person who asked this question was seemingly angry with his head down.

But One professor appreciated bluntly my honesty .

I came to know that I committed a mistake.

Then they asked me a question on binary tree.Luckily I studied it in Java in my school so I answered that.

Then no questions of maths and chemistry( my preferences) were asked.Only physics.

Some basic questions on pulleys and spring balance were asked which I answered comfortably.

A question on projectile motion which I answered but then they began to twist it. “What if I project an electron instead of a ball”

I tried to explain this with Heisenberg uncertainty principle but they were partially convinced and pressing me to think further.

You are very close.Think more.

After much pressing,I gave up and foolishly said sir You can throw a ball but you cannot throw an electron

The same professor which earlier appreciated me now banged his head in anger.

Then they said thank you

I thought I will not be selected.Also,I was worried about Yugesh because they asked me his name.

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I gave my JIT SA interview in Jan 2011. I was in 11th standard, CBSE board and was enrolled in an IIT-JEE coaching institute in Kota.

I would like to share some incidences cum tips from my interview.

Try to be specific

The first question interviewer asked me was, “what are your favorite subjects?” I replied physics and physics.  As a consequence, although questions were

asked from chemistry and mathematics but majority of questions were based on

Physics topics. 😀 I managed to answer most of the questions but I think answering physics questions with zeal was a feather in my cap.

Use of graphs and diagrams

I was asked the about the brittle and ductile material. I politely asked the interviewer if could use the whiteboard to answer this question. With their permission, I drew a diagram something like this

and thus vividly explained them definition as well as the difference between the two.  😀

Show your enthusiasm for Science and research

I was asked what I would like to do in my research. I answered that I want to contribute something for environmental conservation and would like to expand the field of sustainable technology. I talked about producing green energy using hydrogen as fuel.

The main aim of JIT   is to encourage young students to take science courses and pursue research career.  JIT  interviewers also seek this enthusiasm, desire and vision in the student. Hence I feel that one should honestly reflect his/her passion in science during interview.

(I eventually got the chance to do my 2014 JIT summer project on hydrogen storage 😀 )

Be honest

When I was preparing for interview, the most important advice which I got was to ‘be honest’. If one doesn’t know the answer to any question one can politely say so. I didn’t know about the advanced biology concepts (I had PCM as my subjects) and I told it clearly.

An interesting thing happened at the end of interview.  When I was about to leave the room, last question an interviewer asked me was “Would you like to join IIT or IISc?” In my utter ignorance and innocence spontaneously I replied in Hindi “Maam, ab jisme selection ho jayega…” (“Maam, wherever I get selected…”). While exiting through the door I could hear her giggling and saying “that was the most honest answer I ever heard”.

I don’t know whether it was the right thing to reply 😛 but I was honest. I also found the  JIT  interviewers kind and friendly.

I got selected in JIT and now I am in IISc, pursuing science. 😀

Edit: Though I don’t remember other questions in great detail, but I remember these incidents as I have narrated them several times. 🙂 Hope this will be useful for JIT aspirants. Best wishes !

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I would like to share not only the actual questions but also the behavioral aspects to perform better..

After a long waiting time outside the room , I greeted everybody a very warm good morning entering the room full of distinguished scientists, around 7 of them,. In return they all also greeted me with positive smiles..

You make the environment positive.. (Clean up the vibes other guy had left at the place).

Sit on your chair in full attention, no need to rest on the backcushion, Be comfortable but not much…I prefer to take 50 % of the seat area, to show them that I am interested in the interview.

They will try to relax you,, if you seem nervous or will directly start asking the academic questions. Some interviewers ask about your favourite two subjects, some do not. So be prepared for at least 3 subjects, and at least 2 topics from each . And when I say prepare , be thorough.. They will definitely ask you about your topic if it is questionable enough, Like if you say that mathematical induction is your favourite topic there are not many as such questions, they will than definitely take up a topic of their will.

Write Topics which you know thoroughly about and they should be BIG and Interesting.

Mine was wave optics, One came up to me and asked about coherent sources, Definition, example, need, she asked me If the tubelight present in the room was a coherent source. I answered yes and no. No,because tubelight is one source,, where is the other??, 2 sources make coherence possible. Yes, because I can split the entering waves into 2 and make the coherent sources. IMPRESSED.

While asking many questions about wave , she deviated from the topic and asked if I knew about newtons photoelectric effect. Trick question, she wanted to check my presence of mind, I said no, I know about einstein’s photo electric effect, IMPRESSED.

Just as i was answering all their questions, preliminary but sometimes tricky, we all got together really well and even they started to share their real life incidents..

However the math guy interrupted and asked what topic would I like to answer to, I said probability,

He asked me a very simple question, I can’t remember perfectly but it had two dices and a coin to deal with, I could simply answer with the help of tree diagram and baye’s theorem..

After appreciating me , he gave me another one. He asked, “There is a bow and arrow and there is a target. The probability of arrow hitting the target is ‘p’. At least how many times should I try so that there is at least one hit.” I could not answer this one but then I already had a long interview so they decided to stay put there and wished me luck for future..

Special mentions, : My friend was asked to make a glass invisible.. , Another one to add up an impossible series and another one to make a plan to visit Mars..

Best of luck guys, I hope you will find some information in this post that will help you score at least 5 more marks than you would..:P

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Yes, the day had come! This was to be my first ever interview and I was super-excited.

The venue was IISER Bhopal and the reporting time was 2pm but I reached there at 1pm.

After the documental verifications, I was directed to the interview room. I had to wait for about 45 minutes, and then it was my turn.

There were 5 people sitting on a ‘U’ shaped table, I’ll call them P, C,M,B and H. H was the main interviewer. I entered..

H: Yashasvi, please come in.

Me: Good morning Sir.

(Later realised it was afternoon :P)

H:Do you know what your name means?

Me: Yes sir, it means one with lots of fame!

H: And it means to be successful. So we really want you to be successful!

Me:( Smiling) 🙂

B : Where are you from?

Me : ( told them and gave the Intro)

B : How many telescopes are there in MP?

( as I said that skywatching is my hobby)

Me: I do not know, sir.

H: So your favorite topics are astrophysics, atomic structure and genetics.( as written in my self appraisal form)

Me: yes sir!

H: And we have experts from atomic structure, genetics and astrophysics, They’ll be asking you the questions.

Everyone: (smiling)

H: where should we start from?

Me: astrophysics sir!

P: what do you know about the small g?

Me : answered

P:Is it constant ?

Me No ma’am it can vary..explained

P: Can you derive the expression for the time period of a pendulum?

Me: ( derived)

P: what would be the time period if it performs circular motion in horizontal plane?

( I went halfway and got stuck in the middle. I later realised that I had made a super-silly mistake)

P: it’s okay.

H: let’s move to chemistry.

C: can you tell about the experiments which were performed in order to understand the atomic structure?

( I explained the cathode ray tube experiments, but they did not seem so satisfied. Then I told about the Rutherford’s experiment and explained the reason behind the observations, then they seemed satisfied)

H : Now let’s move to genetics.

B: How come do it is so that you like genetics, eventhough you are a PCM student?

Me: Actually while I was preparing for the JITaptitude test, I came to know that genetics is quite an important topic. So I did a bit of extra reading and found the subject to be really interesting!

B :Okay. So tell me who is the father of genetics?

Me : Mendel Sir.

B: Is there any exception to Mendel’s laws?

Me: yes sir, linkage, incomplete dominance and codominance are the exceptions.

B: please give examples and explain.

( explained)

B: do you know about epigenetics

Me : Umm..No sir.

B: do you know about any genetic diseases?

Me: yes sir, Down syndrome, Turner syndrome Klinefelter syndrome( explained)

B: And what is sickle cell anaemea?

( explained)

B: Is malaria a genetic disease?

Me: no sir.

B: okay good.

H : thank you Yashasvi.

Me: thank you sir.

_________ ___________ _____________ ______

The interview went on for about 30 minutes. There were no questions from mathematics. I don’t know if I should categorise the interview as good or bad, but overall it was a wonderful experience.

The interviewers were very jolly and they even help you out if you get stuck. I would advice you to not panic and just speak with confidence. The topics you mention in your self appraisal form should be the ones you’re most confident about!…


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HELLO friends……….

.I appeared for JIT interview in January 2016, when I was in class 11 as a student of SA stream. My interview venue was IISER, Kolkata, West Bengal.

I was very excited as this was supposed to be my first interview. I decided to wear a midnight blue salwar kameez, with pastel floral print. The overall appearance was muted yet attractive. ( You must have guessed by now that I like to dress up )

IISER Kolkata was vast and beautiful with acres and acres of land for farming. My allowed slot was 2 pm onwards. But I reached there at 11 am.

After verification of documents I was asked to wait outside a room. A student entered the room. I thought it was a part of verification. But when he did not come out for more than 20 minutes I realised it was the interview taking place inside.

Apparently, some students didn’t arrive on time for the morning slot so the authorities had decided to take my interview then. I quickly combed my hair. I live in Durgapur and I had to take two trains and a bus that morning to reach there. So I was looking quite dishevelled. I smartened up in five minutes and ate a DairyMilk quickly and before I had time to be nervous I was called in.

I greeted the interviewers who were very pleasant. I was supposed to be the last candidate they would interview before lunch, so they were in a leisurely mood. They asked me my subject preference which was physics, mathematics, chemistry.

One of the interviewers remarked “Then lets start with biology” and I promptly turned towards the biology interviewer. They laughed and told me they were joking.

They asked me questions on angular momentum, gravitation, work,and derivation centripetal force in physics. They seemed pleased with my confidence. But in mathematics, I was asked a question (with insufficient data I later realised), where I faltered. The interviewer realised something was amiss with the question and waved off the question.He was extremely reassuring. But I felt I had lost the rapport with interviewers which I had established during physics.

When they were about to conclude the interview, I politely requested them if they would ask me Chemistry questions. They agreed .I answered them well and ended on a sound note.

Finally, they asked me the meaning of my name. I told them Irin comes from the Greek word for peace. My parents got this beautiful name from scientist Marie Curie’s daughter Irene Curie. I thanked them and left the room smiling. Just a few moments later a person, not one of the interviewers, came out from the room and told me I had done very well and children like me made them believe in the future of pure science. It was an extremely high praise, and I felt humbled. It just made my day.

Later when the results were out I had got 88.75 in stage 1 and 98.33 in stage 2 and AIR 1 in JIT. It was tough to believe that I had scored so much in the interview. Words couldn’t express my feelings…

This is my story. Please feel free to ask me JIT or JEE advanced preparation related questions. I will try my best to help you.

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hi guys…..


I woke up in the morning and realised that the D-day has arrived. I don’t know if I was more excited or nervous that day.

I reached the place earlier than required and found few other fellow anxious beings waiting.

After some basic document verification at the institute, we were asked to sit in a room and wait for our turns. There were probably two or three different panels conducting the interviews.

I was talking to the guy sitting beside me about our colleges (I had appeared for JET SB) when suddenly my name was called.

Quite nervously, I entered the room and stood until someone said “ Please sit down.” I could see 8 faces in looking directly at me.

(P-Physics, C-Chemistry, B-Biology, M-Maths)

C1: So, how do you pronounce your name?

Me: Sir, it’s R-O-I-B-O-T.

C1: So, Raibat. You’re a student of Chemistry Hons at St. Xavier’s?

Me: Yes, Sir.

C1: Do you want us to begin with Chemistry rhen?

I agreed.

C2 asked me about what chapters I had during my 1st Sem. I listed all that I could remember.

C1: Let’s ask you some questions from Solution Chemistry.

I had nowhere mentioned Solution Chemistry! I muttered an “okay”.

Then there were questions from Kohlrausch’s Law , Activity, Concentration, Debye Huckel equation and so on. I could answer some of them whereas I was kind of clueless about some.

Then the Physics Professors took charge. They asked just 2 questions and I answered one of them. Same went with Maths.

B1: What do you like in Biology?

Me: Genetics.

And then everything went smooth. I was asked some easy problems and some not so easy ones. I could tackle most of them. I was explaining an answer regarding blood groups when B2 said, “Wait! You don’t have bio in college?”

Me: No. I had Bio in my +2.

B2: Carry on.

After the bio thing was over, I thought I would be able to leave the room finally. But ,No!

C2: What do you know about Beta decay?

I told and wrote whatever I knew.

C1: What else do you know about anti neutrino?

And then I got stumped. My knowledge about neutrino and anti neutrino was limited and hence I couldn’t answer everything satisfactorily.

In the end, they discussed some of the points that I’d missed and wished me luck.

It lasted for about 30–35 minutes.


Honestly I wasn’t satisfied with how it went and I was kind of sure of not getting selected.

But eventually I cleared it and my SB rank was 109.

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