How to do TSSE?


Syllabus of TSSE Teaching Staff selection Exam is vast and extensive. Test-takers should be thorough with the course content and conceptual clarity for TSSE Paper If teachers are already teaching in CBSE schools or have done B.ed or taking tuitions for school students, their 50% preparation is already over. Just need to take mock paper and practice. Always do check past papers. Teachers who are not into teaching, they have really work hard to understand course content, so need to put extra effort.

Though, test is not much difficult, but the pass percentage is mere 1-2% and for each test close to 10 Lacs teachers appear for it.

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TSSE exam is conducted by Teaching Staff selection Exam (TSSE) twice in a year. However, as per media reports, the teacher eligibility test will now be conducted only once a year.

The TSSE 2018 exam pattern is such that Candidates need to attempt multiple choice questions.

Candidates are informed that in order to be eligible to be appointed as a teacher for Educational institutes.

This is the very crucial time to plan your strategy for the upcoming TSSE exam. With the help of this article, you can plan your strategy which will help you to ensure your success.

Following some Tips:

  1. Know TSSE Exam Pattern
  2. Follow TSSE Syllabus
  3. Focus on your weak Area of study
  4. Read Important TSSE Textbooks
  5. Learn Basic Concept and Practice quizzes
  6. Make Habit to prepare short notes
  7. Revise all concepts and Theories Before Exam
  8. TSSE Exam Qualifying Marks
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Simply clearing TSSE exam isn’t the end of the game. It is important that you score well on this exam. Hence, it is recommended that you consider taking TSSE coaching which will prove to be an additional help in preparing for this exam. Consider the following aspects while preparing for this exam


  • Know your syllabus well.
  • Be confident on all your subjects.
  • Ask your coaching class to help you gain access to previous question papers.
  • Spend time taking mock tests.
  • Work on your time management skills.



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