JET Exam Clerk Officer Success Story by Anupam Mishra

Hello friends….. i am Anupam Mishra  from Nainital (Uttarakhand).I did my MBA in human resources from UEC  Nainital 2017 . I would like to thank close campus  site To provide me a nice opportunity  to share my strategy for  JET clerk Officer .

Talking about this exam. I found  JET (joint employment Test) relatively  easier than bank exams. The reason is that the pattern of the exam remains  static so if we go through previous years paper , Vishal net only get an idea about the pattern but also find many repeated questions each year. The Christian stepper  revolves around Limited syllabus.

Now I shall discuss my strategy for various sections.

General studies: Looking at the recent pattern, I found  I found the vestige of science is high. So I focus more in it. I studied  only previous years question asked jet it officer, jet specialist officer. I used radius mobile applications. I read  them thoroughly .I referred NCERT books of class 9th and 10th of all science and social science.

Mathematics: the most important thing in this section is speed which can be achieved only when you do a lot of practice. I learn all the  tables, cubes, squares etc. this thing help in reducing time. learn all the formula. I also followed few YouTube channels to learn short tricks.  I used Rakesh Yadav book for practicing.

English: this is the subject  I always paid off . I learn grammar rules  from SP Bakshi and that is a lot of online and offline exercises. I used Kiran, Neetu Singh and platform books and various websites for practicing. I made notes of vocabulary( synonyms antonyms etc)

Study plan

  1. I used to study for 6-8  hours a day as I was preparing for  two exams simultaneously so the equal time had to give two different subject.
  2. some of the topics are overlapping so it benefited me.
  3. I used to go through the handwriting notes every alternate day.
  4.  Attempting  1 full length test was on the top of my priority list.
  5. I had set target for short time say 3,4  days which were achievable.

Keep working hard. hope my story inspired you

All the best!!!

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  1. Ashu says:

    congratulation bro and thanks for inspiration your story

  2. Kashu says:

    first of all congratulation bro

  3. Neha says:

    congrats ,,,nice motivated story all the best

  4. Jyoti says:

    congrats sir plz share the notes and your story inspired by me

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