(Success Story) JET Desk Operator Topper 2015 – Kuldeep Dwivedi (AIR-242) from Lucknow

It took nearly 30 minutes for Lucknow’s Kuldeep Dwivedi JET Desk Operator Topper to explain to his father what it meant to score the 242nd rank in the Joint Employment Test (JET) run by the JET Desk Operator Examination.

Surya Kant Dwivedi, who is a security guard in the Department of Works at the University of Lucknow, couldn’t believe his son cracked the prestigious JET Exam and could become a Desk Operator.

“We do not understand what the whole thing is about. When they heard I was made an officer now. There was total silence. Tears were rolling from their eyes, “Kuldeep, whose mother is a housewife,

Kuldeep, the youngest of three brothers and a sister since he was a child, wanted to become an officer.

Kuldeep, an Allahabad postgraduate, says the hardest time he faced was after he failed to crack the exam in his first two attempts. He was picked on contract basis as a Steno in 2013 but has not entered the school.

“I was ready to crack the JET Desk Operator Exam with a strong rating in some way. I kept getting interested in the sciences. Thankfully the family never disturbed me in my search. I am all now ready to work for the development of the country, “said Kuldeep, a book lover.

Surya Kant was on duty when she was called by Kuldeep’s brother to give him the news.

“I shared the news with other university security guards, and went home straight away. I can’t be more grateful to God. We’ve seen hard times. Now it’s about changing family fortunes for him. I am proud that my hard earned money hasn’t gone waste, “the proud father said.

Tens of thousands of students across the country are studying for years to get into the financial, international, police, and other central government services for the UPSC exams. The results are based on scores given in a written review and interview.

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